Going down a storm

I love me a podcast. Several times in the last week I’ve been listening to things and thought that was really good, I should tell someone about that and, whilst I tweeted about a couple of these, it’s a thought I have regularly enough that it could easily become a regular feature on this, my new blog. When, one day, I get some readers it could even become a useful resource. At a minimum it’s a shorthand for the sort of things I’m into, and the sorts of things I think. And not a cheat’s way of creating content for very little effort. Although it is also that.

So here goes – Podcast Recommendation Roundup #1

The Coming Storm is a podcast series that I listened to earlier in the year. It’s about the Jan 6th US Capitol attack, QAnon and all of the drivers of the current massive divides that characterise US politics. It recently returned for a couple of episodes covering the recent mid-term elections. The latest episode is a conversation between presenter Gabriel Gatehouse and Louis Theroux covering all of the above, and more, which manages to be insightful, thoughtful and pretty well balanced in many respects. It’s well worth a listen if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

I always listen to the 6 Music Introducing podcast which is a great way to keep up with new music, keep one step ahead of your teenage son and impress your family with your insightful picks from the lower reaches of a music festival bill. This week Tom Robinson introduced me to Sven Stears, performance poet, whose Lock Picks made me cry in Tesco Express. He’s got a book out – This Is Your Tragic Backstory – which I am about to treat myself to.

I’ve mentioned The Bestseller Experiment several times already in previous posts, but mostly with reference to the #200WordsADay challenge which had helped me actually get some writing done. The podcast itself is also excellent, hosted by Marks Stay and Desvaux, and the recent interview with Tracey Lien was really insightful, particularly around the need for protagonists to be active in their own story (note to self – might want to check how successful I’ve been on that front) and how books that have something serious to say can also aim to entertain. Tracey’s book, All That’s Left Unsaid is also being added to my ever growing “tbr” list…

So there you go, that should keep you busy… Happy listening!


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