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  • A golden droid

    Sometimes I daydream about being a best selling writer. Nothing extravagant, just idly imagining being interviewed on the radio, or a podcast. And then I wonder how I’d come across. Waffly and unfocused? Probably, that’s how I normally come across. What if I just don’t know what to say? What if they ask me something […]

  • Querying

    So, I’ve been writing queries…

  • Is this it?

    So I think I just finished editing Echoes… It’s been more than a month since I last posted on Twitter with #200WordsADay, more than a month since I wrote 200 words of anything new, almost a month since I last posted here moaning about how much I hated editing. Since then I’ve been editing and […]

  • Bad habits

    Having started the last but one post with the words “Argh, sorry…” I think it’s becoming increasingly evident that I have not yet formed a habit around posting regularly to this blog. I think it’s because it’s all too easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow” for three weeks in a row, so nothing ever […]

  • Drabbling around

    I got an email this week about a drabble competition. I’d kind of heard of drabbles, but never tried to write one – but I’ve tried most other variations on flash and nanofiction so why not? Especially when there’s cash to win. I do think it’s an odd name but apparently it’s a Monty Python […]

  • Early exposure

    Argh, sorry, it’s been an even longer gap between posts. I’ll try not to do that again. Although I inevitably will. But I’ve been saving a good one! Writing wise, I’ve been writing Entrapment (which is now at about 12,000 words) and begun some editing on Echoes, as well as entering the Globe Soup 7 […]

  • External validation

    I always planned to post today because I didn’t at all last week, but that’s kind of because (on the writing front, at least) there isn’t much to update on. Not that I’m not busily writing (because I am!) but I’m still waiting on feedback about Echoes and contemplating the edit which, to be honest, […]

  • New news

    So, I found out this week that I won something. I’ve got my prize already but it’s not been announced so I won’t tell you what right now. It’s not a major thing, but there was a very nice prize attached so I am chuffed… Less mysteriously, while Echoes is being beta-read, I decided to […]

  • Free bee!

    Happy New Year! I took a break from posting updates over the festive season, but I didn’t stop writing/editing and I’ve pleased to say that I finished the latest draft of Echoes a couple of days early, and sent the beta-copy to Julie from Royston Writers’ Circle who has kindly agreed to beta-read it for […]

  • Progress update

    So on Sunday I got to this point: which is exciting! What’s more exciting is that I’m now reading it through and, surprisingly enough (it surprised me!) I don’t hate it. I’m starting to get a bit excited that I might have something here… Watch this space…