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  • Soy un perdedor

    This week I found that I didn’t win the Globe Soup 7 Day Story Writing Challenge which I wrote about here. Which is fine, reading it again I’m not sure I nailed the High Fantasy genre, tried to pack way too much plot in (and then had to cut loads out because of the maximum […]

  • Drabbling around

    I got an email this week about a drabble competition. I’d kind of heard of drabbles, but never tried to write one – but I’ve tried most other variations on flash and nanofiction so why not? Especially when there’s cash to win. I do think it’s an odd name but apparently it’s a Monty Python […]

  • Early exposure

    Argh, sorry, it’s been an even longer gap between posts. I’ll try not to do that again. Although I inevitably will. But I’ve been saving a good one! Writing wise, I’ve been writing Entrapment (which is now at about 12,000 words) and begun some editing on Echoes, as well as entering the Globe Soup 7 […]