Welcome to my website! I’m a writer living in North Hertfordshire, trying to fit some actual writing in around work, family, and all of the distractions that the internet has to offer.

I’m currently honing my two work-in-progress novels, Echoes and Entrapment, which (if you’re from the future and I haven’t got around to updating this blurb yet) you will recognise as the first two books in the staggeringly successful Entanglement series. The blog below will keep you up-to-date with how I’m getting on, as well as containing occasional reviews and recommendations of things I like.

I have some books you can buy including The Man In The Moon, a middle grade fantasy adventure that I wrote for my eldest son and remains the only book he’s ever read twice… which I think makes it better than anything David Walliams has written. There are also some anthologies of work by members of the Royston Writers’ Circle, of which I am one, at incredibly reasonable prices.

There are all sorts of random other things I’ve have had published over the years, all over the internet and, to save you searching for them all, I’ve collected them together into a small collection called Words From My Head. You can get it as a free eBook if you sign up to my newsletter here. I promise not to spam you.