I’ve been talking about it for months. I’ve been writing it for twenty years*. From today you can read it!

ECHOES is available TODAY exclusively from Amazon.

* If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber you can add it to your library for no additional cost…

* If you’d like to buy it, the Kindle version is £2.99 (and you can read it on a Kindle, but also on iOS/Android/PC via the Kindle App)…

* …or if you prefer a physical book there’s a paperback which is £9.99

I won’t waffle on about it any more, because I want you to see it in all its glory! Click the link above to check it out. And if you do decide to buy it then thank you – I really appreciate your support!

Welcome to Trinity!

*This is true. It’s not always been called Echoes and it’s not always been exactly this story, but there are scenes in this book that I first wrote versions of in the mid-2000s.