So, I’ve been writing queries…

SELECT Agent_Name
FROM UK_Agent_Database
WHERE Potential_Interest_In_Representation > 0

Not really – that’s just a little SQL joke for those of you who’d appreciate that kind of thing.

But I have been spending my Bank Holiday weekend putting together agent queries for Echoes. I’ve written a synopsis, and a blurb, and a variety of query letters, and saved the manuscript in many forms with suffixes like _First_Three_Chapters and _First_10000_Words and I’m ready to send my first emails out tomorrow. Which all weekend has been stressing me out, but now I’m quite exciting about. I mean, what if this is it? Really, what if this is about to happen?

So I thought I’d share my blurb. You never know, someone might see this who knows someone who knows someone…

Estrel Beck doesn’t want to be a software sales associate. Yet here he is, newly arrived in the city-state of Trinity, for a make-or-break meeting with the local Administration department. Under-prepared, under-motivated and over-sensitive, every little thing about this strange place seems to stress Estrel out. When he discovers a message, scrawled on the back of a napkin, in his own handwriting, telling him he’s trapped in a time loop, he knows for sure that he’s got himself in over his head. Then the Administration building explodes.

As Estrel struggles to make sense of his situation, and ideally find an escape, he is drawn into Trinity’s bizarre underworld and the struggles for power against Trinity’s corrupt Mayor Chaguartay. ECHOES is a story about being trapped by your past choices, as Estrel confronts the question: if you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?

That’s it. That’s what I’ve written. I started nine months ago and now I’m putting it out there in the world. Let’s see how I get on…





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