Sometimes I daydream about being a best selling writer. Nothing extravagant, just idly imagining being interviewed on the radio, or a podcast. And then I wonder how I’d come across. Waffly and unfocused? Probably, that’s how I normally come across. What if I just don’t know what to say? What if they ask me something really tricky?

Like, say, “What is Star Wars about?”

Because that happened. And only the other week MCM were kind enough to retweet a link to the video evidence…

Skip to around 4m for context, and then 5m30 for the full horror, including the moment when my youngest son disowned me. My excuse is that I thought the kid before me gave such a good answer that I couldn’t improve on it. And, to be fair, he could have asked me a thousand times before I would have said it’s about “a golden droid”.

Maybe one day I’ll have a series of books out there, significant for me to be a panellist at Comic Con, and I’ll get to redeem myself. Until then… errrr….