Tag: 200 words a day

  • Every little helps

    I finished the first draft of Entrapment this week. There’s still a long way to go – one thing I’ve discovered about myself in the last year is that I tend to write quite short first drafts. They have the main story, all the main characters, all the key beats, but they’re a bit thin. […]

  • Is this it?

    So I think I just finished editing Echoes… It’s been more than a month since I last posted on Twitter with #200WordsADay, more than a month since I wrote 200 words of anything new, almost a month since I last posted here moaning about how much I hated editing. Since then I’ve been editing and […]

  • Bad habits

    Having started the last but one post with the words “Argh, sorry…” I think it’s becoming increasingly evident that I have not yet formed a habit around posting regularly to this blog. I think it’s because it’s all too easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow” for three weeks in a row, so nothing ever […]

  • New news

    So, I found out this week that I won something. I’ve got my prize already but it’s not been announced so I won’t tell you what right now. It’s not a major thing, but there was a very nice prize attached so I am chuffed… Less mysteriously, while Echoes is being beta-read, I decided to […]

  • Progress update

    So on Sunday I got to this point: which is exciting! What’s more exciting is that I’m now reading it through and, surprisingly enough (it surprised me!) I don’t hate it. I’m starting to get a bit excited that I might have something here… Watch this space…

  • My writing week

    Bit disappointed in last week, which was about 4,500 words in total and I’ve fallen behind the pace I was trying to set. I could try to catch up, but I’ve learned a few things since (kind of) properly committing to #200WordsADay and one of those is… well, here’s the process I seemed to have […]

  • End of Part One

    I wrote 538 words today, with a lot of running, and a bit of shooting. Not everyone escaped though… Join me and create the daily writing habit with the #200WordsADay Challenge https://t.co/94YEl5ZD8y — Phil Oddy (@philoddy) November 9, 2022 That’s today’s word count. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling great so I stopped after 230. That’s just […]

  • WIP update

    I wrote 1023 words today, tying up some loose ends and making the whole story look waaaay more thought out and planned than it was! Join me and create the daily writing habit with the #200WordsADay Challenge https://t.co/94YEl5HtUq — Phil Oddy (@philoddy) November 7, 2022 I’m writing a novel. It’s probably called Echoes, it’s about […]