I wrote 1023 words today, tying up some loose ends and making the whole story look waaaay more thought out and planned than it was! Join me and create the daily writing habit with the #200WordsADay Challenge https://t.co/94YEl5HtUq

— Phil Oddy (@philoddy) November 7, 2022

I’m writing a novel. It’s probably called Echoes, it’s about a software salesman called Estrel who goes on a bizarre sales visit to Trinity, a corrupt, isolated city state populated by mindless worker drones, who go about their daily lives numbed by the drugs the city government is putting in the water supply. The government itself is a massive, sprawling bureaucracy that largely exists to create work for itself and is so dysfunctional that most people haven’t noticed that the Mayor is manipulating everything for the benefit and profit of his family. Estrel’s day doesn’t start well, and it gets much worse from there but it also seems like this might not be his first rodeo. There’s a very good chance he’s stuck in a time loop and he’s got no idea how to get out.

I usually post my word count on Twitter, with the Bestseller Experiment’s #200WordsADay hashtag (I’m currently writing way more than 200 words a day, but that’s how I got started back in June and 61,000+ words later I’m still going) – but now I’ve got a functioning blog I might as well start posting it here as well…