End of Part One

That’s today’s word count. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling great so I stopped after 230. That’s just short of 1800 for the week so far, I think, which is slightly off the pace I’d like to set. My first draft was quite short, deliberately so because I wanted to get a basic plot straight, so the second, which I’m currently working through, is as much a rewrite as a redraft. I want to get that done by my birthday at the end of the month to give myself December for a number of passes through to tighten up stuff I know still isn’t right (some characterisation, a bit of context in some places) before it’s ready for beta readers at the start of next year…

Why am I trying to get it beta-reader-ready for the start of next year? Because of this…

Which prompted this:

And I can’t let Han Solo down…

But I’ve now finished the rewrite of Part One so I’m (almost) half way through, which feels like something to celebrate. When I finished the first draft of Part One this happened:

I’m not going to Paris this time though. Back on it tomorrow!




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