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  • External validation

    I always planned to post today because I didn’t at all last week, but that’s kind of because (on the writing front, at least) there isn’t much to update on. Not that I’m not busily writing (because I am!) but I’m still waiting on feedback about Echoes and contemplating the edit which, to be honest, […]

  • Going down a storm

    I love me a podcast. Several times in the last week I’ve been listening to things and thought that was really good, I should tell someone about that and, whilst I tweeted about a couple of these, it’s a thought I have regularly enough that it could easily become a regular feature on this, my […]

  • End of Part One

    I wrote 538 words today, with a lot of running, and a bit of shooting. Not everyone escaped though… Join me and create the daily writing habit with the #200WordsADay Challenge https://t.co/94YEl5ZD8y — Phil Oddy (@philoddy) November 9, 2022 That’s today’s word count. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling great so I stopped after 230. That’s just […]

  • WIP update

    I wrote 1023 words today, tying up some loose ends and making the whole story look waaaay more thought out and planned than it was! Join me and create the daily writing habit with the #200WordsADay Challenge https://t.co/94YEl5HtUq — Phil Oddy (@philoddy) November 7, 2022 I’m writing a novel. It’s probably called Echoes, it’s about […]