External validation

I always planned to post today because I didn’t at all last week, but that’s kind of because (on the writing front, at least) there isn’t much to update on. Not that I’m not busily writing (because I am!) but I’m still waiting on feedback about Echoes and contemplating the edit which, to be honest, I know it needs but I not sure I have the willpower to do…

…and I’m still writing Entrapment which is exciting because it’s new and I’m just starting to get the shape of the story. I’m nearly 10,000 words in now and I know what the first 40,000 or so are going to cover. I also know where I want to end up, and I think I know what the next book will be. I’ve definitely now got a series in mind, and I think I know what the last book will be (maybe book five?) so all I need to do now is fill in the gaps. And hope that someone wants to publish the first one, of course.

Anyway, just when I was wondering how I could cobble together a post out of nothing-really-happening (you may need to get used to that!), I got a mention on Episode 426 of The Bestseller Experiment (because of the public declaration I mentioned here and the fact that I got it done, as per here). One of my favourite things about the podcast is the way it makes me feel like I have validity as a writer, just because I write. It makes the step towards being a successful writer feel that much smaller. My next favourite thing is when they mention me, so that made my day.

I was thinking of making a new public declaration, because I managed to write one book in seven months, so it seems do-able to contemplate writing two this year (there was a lot of skipped days, and days where I barely got over 200 words, whereas I’m rattling along at an average of over 500 per day at the moment). But I don’t want to commit to that because Echoes still needs some work, and I want to be able to do other stuff…

…like this week, when I shall be mostly working on a short story for a competition. So for now my ambitions for this year remain un-publicly-declared. Other than to keep on writing. And to try to win this competition. Wish me luck!




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